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Тестовое задание на вакансию редактор-менеджер команды копирайтеров со знанием английского языка

Task 1

What do you need to do?

You need to check the text about American online store Skinstore: brief history of the company, which products it sells, how to save there and get the best prices.

You should disclose all the mistakes this text contains concerning spelling, grammar, style, and punctuation.

The text must contain ONLY information about Skinstore and its promotional offers.

You should also keep in mind that the text is intended to be viewed by American readers, so it should be written in American English.

Work with keywords

We deal with SEO texts, so you need to provide the usage of all listed keywords:

  • Skinstore coupon
  • Skinstore discount code
  • Skinstore promo code
  • Skinstore coupon code
  • Skinstore code

Some of the keywords must be used in subheadings at least TWICE.

The keywords must be used naturally for the American reader. Do not overuse them — the text should be easily read.

Work with structure

The text must contain the following:

  • a brief history of Skinstore;
  • what products are sold;
  • cosmetic brands that are presented at Skinstore;
  • what products can be purchased with discounts;
  • what you can find in the section Offers at the site;
  • free delivery option;
  • conclusion.

If any of these sections are absent, add them yourself.

The text should also have a comprehensive and readable structure, with bulleted lists and subheadings.

Техt: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mFOKCyt9MMHwlqi_LorQaUdmy8Ea2sxBaLivp1X7nj0/edit#

Your recommendations

Leave your comments about this text’s quality.

  • What needs to be improved?
  • Does the text match the plan?
  • Is it useful for readers?
  • Does the text meet the SEO requirements?

Task 2

2.1. Imagine that you’ve hired a freelance copywriter to write an article for your website. The deadline is March 1. On the 1st of March, you got a message from the copywriter with the request to extend the deadline till March 3. It seemed reasonable and you agreed.

Today is the 3d of March, but you still have not received the article and the writer is asking for a deadline extension again. What would you do?

2.2. Your manager asked you to deliver five Swedish articles by Friday. You successfully assigned the task to your freelance copywriter. But then you got a new task from another manager, and he is asking you to order three more Swedish articles by Friday as well. Your copywriter is fully booked and can write a maximum of five articles by Friday. What would you do?

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Оформите ответы в новом документе Google Docs.

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В документе укажите контактный телефон и эл. почту.

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